Surrender to my power (cod.1439)

10 minutos con sonido

I already know that you can’t endure many days without touching your dick, it’s a need for you! a fucking need!

you’re deep crazy obsessed with me, You can’t think of anything other than me, I’m in your head all day! yeah! all day!

what happens when your cock is hard?

You do not think, you just want to pump while I wash your brain!

Let it be clear to you, I’m a bad bitch, I have fun manipulating you and making you horny, I have fun when you are hot and you send me a message saying… Please Goddess use me!

You will experience an enslavement level that will change your entire existence, from now on, you are mine.

if you behave well and you are a boy I give you a gift.

do you want to know what its?

you have 30 seconds, yes! thirty seconds to try to get cum!

come on! take your cock, and stroke hard, time is running out and it’s not in your favor haha

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