No Nut November (cod.1469)

13 minutos sonido


A Jerkaholic’s No Nut November

You won’t be cumming this month, subby. Not even once. You will be jerking off twice as much though. Hard to imagine, since you’re already a jerkaholic. All this month you’ll only work, jerk, repeat. Consume my content, and watch hours of porn. Jerk until your balls turn blue, your cock raw and overstimulated. You want to be a good boy for Princess, don’t you? A bit of orgasm denial will do your beta brain some good. Don’t you dare cum. The sexual frustration will consume you, pushing you further into addiction.

I guess you knew it already and were expecting my instructions, didn’t you?

Let me remind you of the rules that you will have to follow religiously.

Don’t SEX!

You can have a boomer, yes, you can even rub your cock over the pants.

You dream with me day and night, don’t you? I wonder what excuses you give to your wife when she sees the nut stain on the sheet…

I want to see you trying hard to amuse me, fighting against your instincts for me, feeling the pain of blue balls just because I said so!

Each day you add with No Nuts you’ll feel the joy of obeying me, and you’ll realize you’re becoming a faithful obedient servant to me that you always want to be.

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