New year to try new things GOONER

11 minutos con sonido

New year, new purposes, and new things to try! I have prepared for you a wonderful session of gooning, there isn’t a better way to start this year!

Don’t you just absolutely love eating your cum for Me? Yes! I know yes!

pump during hours, pump following my orders, pump following my instructions, and finally CUM and EAT IT!

look into my eyes, and promise me that you’ll eat cum for the rest of cum of your life!

NOW! stop fantasizing about that and do it! wet your cock and take it with hard, start to pump, start to pump while you’re looking at me! start to pump to get you doses of cum! yeah!!! the cum will be your fucking doses like if you’re a junkie!

Every day of the week you’ll do it differently.
I’ll tell you how you should do it every day

Monday… you must put your cum on a cookie and eat it!

Friday… You must also try to cum directly on your face! open your mouth and have good aim.

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