MindFuck – Destruction (cod.1478)


1o minutos con sonido

Through masturbation and my words, you will reach ecstasy.
Put on your headphones and masturbate like crazy, I’ll take care of the rest!


You had a long time trying to escape, trying to have a normal life, but, look at you, here you are, like always, feeling weak, alone, desperate, anxious, and almost crazy.

Do you understand now where you are?

You are in my hands, like a puppet; I can play with you, I can do whatever I want with you, and I can even destroy you!

I controlled you in the past; I control you now, and I will do it forever.

You may become obsessed with me, you may love and adore me until the point you hate me, but this hatred will make you desire me even more, it will make you feel the need to be destroyed by me and to experience all my coldness.

Now it’s time to be quiet and to repeat my words in your mind:

Working hard for my Goddess is a privilege.

Being crazy and brainless for my Goddess makes me happy.

I will give my goddess anything she desires.

I will enjoy being destroyed by my goddess.


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