Mental Trance (cod.1470)

12 minutos con sonido


Every day is the same routine, you need a change. You need a big change, and this, yes, this, is the change that you need.

Now that you are at home, in your bedroom, alone, trying not to think, trying to relax yourself, I’m here to change your life, to change your life completely!

Feeling my words entering your mind is what you need.

The brightness of the lights dazzles your mind; my voice is being installed deeper and deeper inside you.

Can you believe it? Do it; believe it, you are about to enter an infinite loop of pleasure, a magical trance, an incomparable situation.

Touch your cock very slowly, listen to my voice, send money, do it slowly, feel every action, enjoy every action, do it slowly, and everything will intensify.

The intensity of the obsession that I am creating in you is so great that every day you will need me more and more and more.

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