Locktober or Goontoner?

10 minutos con sonido

Locktober or Goontober?

I can transform you into a Gooner with no other meaning in life than to obey!

During this month, I want you to be stroking your cock like a real Gooner, nonstop, all day and all night!

I’m imagining you stroking your cock, pumping like a desperate wanker, wanting to get your cum… hahaha fuck you! You deserved this!

Your ability to think is nullified by your cock! By my voice, by my orders, By me!

Arriving at this point, you would have preferred to be locked up, right?

You always thought that being locked up would be horrible!

Ok, I have two options for you.

Pay to cum or lock your cock!

It’s not the best moment to choose an option; you’re so anxious, but I’m not going to give you time to think.

What do you prefer?



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