Intensive treatment for faggots (cod.1445)

9 minutos con sonido

Your opportunities to live like a man are over because I’m about to teach you how to become the best cuckold there is!

I want to see you licking and swallowing all of your cum after I see it in your palm. The same way you would a pussy!

You’ll get hooked on its flavour and won’t be able to stop fantasizing about swallowing cocks and watching women fuck alpha men.

This is an amazing, lovely sex party where everyone has fun and contributes in some way

Well, I am aware that you would probably like to lick a pussy, but forget it—the only way to do that is to remove another man’s cum!

Maybe, If you do well that evening, you can become the main attraction at my parties, and be the mouth that prepares all the cocks there!

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