I destroyed your marriage on Valentine’s Day (cod.1436)

14 minutos con sonido

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you have a severe problem: you can’t buy your wife anything because you spend all your money just on me!

You don’t care, you know you’ve been getting sick of her for a long time now

Your marriage is over, yes! It’s over!

I manipulated you for years and made you fall deeply in love with me, and now you’re mine!

That’s why the best thing you can do this Valentine’s Day is to spend all your money on me! New clothes, yes! I want new clothes, on my body, the lingerie looks wonderful, however… but your wife looks ridiculous.

Maybe after I buy everything I want, I’ll allow you to give her as a gift a frying pan… JAJAJAJAJA

To make the day even more perfect, you’ll tell your wife that you want to divorce and that you LOVE me. YES! You heard me right! I wanna you divorced!

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