Eternal Gooner (The beginning of your end) (cod.1435)

17 minutos con sonido

Your brain is broken, for years you have been stroking your cock compulsively every day, and it has radically changed your life.

Sometimes you think you can stop this dangerous compulsion, but it’s impossible, your dick takes control of your mind and you start stroking your dick without stopping, for hours.

the best thing for you isn’t to think, because if you think, you don’t enjoy it! So, don’t think, turn off your mind and stroke your cock while looking at me!

You must lock yourself in your house all weekend and waste all the hours of the weekend just stroking and stroking and stroking, over and over again, without rest, without sleep, just stroking and looking at me.

I’m brilliant and very intelligent, and I know that the more hours you pump, the less you’ll be able to think, and that puts me in a very advantageous position.

we still have more than twenty-four hours to go!

can you imagine what I can do to you?

can you imagine to what point I can destroy you?

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