Edging training- intensive masturbation (Cod.1447)

10 minutos con sonido

It’s time to start stroking your cock more intensely than ever! This will be the most intense masturbation of your fucking life!

Remember when you were young, and you wasted hours and hours stroking your cock? This will be similar or even better!

I’m going to introduce you to an intensive session of masturbation!

I’m thinking about twelve hours of stroking your cock non-stop!

Twelve hours! Twelve fucking hours with your cock hard! Twelve fucking hours without cum! Only pumping! Can you bear it?

Don’t stop for a minute! Only if you feel your cum is going up, you rest for a second and start again!

Tell me, do you want to cum?

I have some options for you. Choose one and win that cum

Stroke hard your cock while you are hearing the options!

First option

One week without cum

Second option

Eat your cum

Third option

Send me a big tribute!

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