Cum Denialism (cod.1454)

11 minutos con sonido

Denying you to cum, sometimes can be seen as something evil, as willing to inflict pain and suffering, but nothing is farther from the truth.

I like to see you willing, desiring, and begging to cum for me. So, what could be wrong with associating the cum pleasure with me, obeying me, and focusing only on me?

Nothing, that is a good thing. So why do I deny you to cum? Why am I asking to go even further and be a strong supporter of Cum Denialism?

Besides, would you rather spend one or two hours listening to me, seeing me, reading about me, and softly touching your dick, or…

Stroke and cum, and everything is gone in 5 five minutes?


Now I want you to stroke it 50  times.

Can you handle it without cumming? Don’t ever fail; if you’re losing control, just stop it and hold it down to retry later I’ll train you to be better at cum denial, by taking increasingly longer stroke times, which always end up in cum denials.