Blackmail Deeply Trapped (cod.1437)

So shut up and obey, follow all my instructions.

Get on your knees, and enter your username and password, YES, join it! quick!

Can you imagine me posting all your compromised pictures on your social media? Pictures of you naked… like a fucking pig jajaj all the people could see you and laugh at you!

OMG! I’m just one click away from doing it! fuck!!!! I want to do it! I want to do it now! yessssss!

Shit, I’m going to save all those files from your computer! I’m sure they can be useful to me in the future!

How can you be so fucking stupid?

I blackmail you, I empty your bank account, and you… you keep touching yourself!

I’ve your family’s emails, I’ve your friends’ phone numbers, I’ve your colleagues’ phone numbers, maybe they want to see a video of you stroking your dick on your knees…

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