Beta Bitch (COD.1428)

16 minutos con sonido

You love cock, you love black cock, you imagine a big black cock in your fuck mouth and that makes you so horny… that all you think about is getting fucked by a big black cock!

you’ll suck your dildo all night while stroking your cock to collect cum, I want you to fill a glass with your cum.

lick the dildo slowly, enjoy the taste of your ass in your mouth, pass it over your lips, over your face, and start sucking again like a fucking bitch in heat.

take the dildo… put the tip in the glass, pick up some cum, and lick it off! Mmmmm you love it, you’re getting bitch again!

Slut, bitch, dirty whore, you are coming closer to cum again, lie down, raise your legs and point your pathetic dick towards your mouth!

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