Addicted to sex pumping like a junkie (cod.1442)


14 minutos con sonido


Pump pump pump this is the only thing that you want, you’re a pig obsessed with sex.

Sex is like a drug to you; it controls your life, controls your mind, and of course, controls your cock, your dick thinks for you.

I want your anxiety and your desire to masturbate to be so great that you go crazy and waste so many hours pumping and cumming that you lose track of time.

This is what you need, a good treatment for a junkie, for a wanker junkie.

I promise you that if you manage to hold on, it will be the best cum of your life! incomparable to any other! let’s go! start to pump! Try to get it!

Pump, pump, pump slowly, don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the moment, enjoy the pump, stroke slowly, remember the drug it’s the moment in which you’re hot, don’t get out of it, don’t finish! pump non-stop


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