Re-programming your sexuality (COD.1421)

13 minutos con sonido

This is your new masturbating training.
During you watch this video you are going to jerk non-stop, yes!

I say non-stop, of course, you can’t cum! so, you’re going to stroke, again and again, looking at me, feeling like a stupid loser but so happy! so happy to can prove to me you have learned that your dick is mine! only mine! you are so simple… so dumber, that you have given me control of your orgasms with such ease that now there is no turning back. it’s so fucking delicious,  I look at you so hot and destroyed that even I get excited!

By the time you are finished with my masturbation re-Programmation, you will never be who you were! shut up and continue pumping while you hear my instructions! I don’t want to hear your voice, I want to hear only the sound of your dick pumping, pump, pump, pump, this is what I want to hear! pump, pump, pump!