Losers Asylum (cod.1458)

15 minutos con sonido

Welcome, my loser; the asylum is open.
You’re welcome to your new therapy.

If you want to feel a real change in your life, this is your place, you’ll be reprogrammed by me. The best of this experimental treatment is that if you are able to complete it, I let you stroke your fucking cock until you’re sexually and financially ruined

This therapy will mark a before and after in your life, If before you were an addict, now you’ll be totally dependent, a madman without a brain, obsessed, with no escape, I’ll manipulate you in such a way that you’ll accept that you only want to live your life turned into a money machine who will give me absolutely everything.

Listen to me well, you can never escape, do you know why?
Because the adrenaline, the rush that it makes you feel, is unmatched, once you have tried it, you become totally addicted to it.

You’re so weak, so, so weak, so vulnerable, that with just a smile I can destroy you and drive you crazy.

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