Living in chastity (cod.1487)

11 minutos con sonido

You’re always horny, always fucking horny, like a fucking pig, watching porn on your computer

You’ll do what I want, didn’t you want to be mine?

Well, you’ll have to accept the rules. You also know perfectly well, that to be mine, you have no other choice.

I’ve got something for you, this pretty pink chastity cage. You’re going to look so cute with it on.

I know, you’re going to wake up, and you’re going to want to take it off, even rip it off, that will be the funniest part for me.

I’m thinking of starting with 1 month of chastity.

If you do well, maybe I’ll give you the chance to take off your cage for a few hours and masturbate like crazy to one of my videos.

I know you’ll have a hard time! I don’t care!

On the contrary! It’s what I want the most.

You belong to me, and you have no choice in deciding anything, absolutely nothing.

Remember, I hold the key, you must obey if you want it back.

If you do not obey, I will flush the key down the toilet and you will never get it back

During this month, I’ll tease you with hot pictures!

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