Lip and tongue fetish (cod.1460)

10 minutos con sonido

My tongue is your biggest obsession; look at it! That perfect colour, that perfect shine…
At this moment, you can’t look away from it.

I’m thinking… maybe you could kiss the screen of your computer and imagine that you could taste my spit… Do it, do it! I want you to be so pathetic that you are licking the screen for hours!

Come, come closer, closer; you can almost see my taste buds

I’m playing with my tongue, but actually who I’m playing with is you! I’m manipulating you, I’m turning you on, I’m fucking you, and it’s so much fun!

My pretty face, my defiant look, and my wet tongue are destroying the man that one day you were

Bow your head, look at the ground, touch your cock; if you touch it, touch it hard, harder; STOP; look up and observe my tongue; hypnotic, perfect, exciting.

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