I’m better than your wife (cod.1461)


9 minutos con sonido

My voice, my perfect body, my curves, my pretty face, my eyes, my lips… all of me is better than your wife, she is a simple woman, and I am a goddess.

I know you love me so much when I’m evil, a bitch without compassion, and that makes you horny, very, very horny, so horny that you lost your wife.

Let’s go play a risky game! I know that for me, you are capable of doing whatever I want! Don’t you?

Put the volume of this video very high, higher, higher! I want her to hear my voice! jajajajaja

What do you think her reaction would be?

You fell in love with me, accept it, and you love me more than ever. Your wife… Your wife is only a hindrance.

Ask your wife for a divorce, remove the clutter from our lives, and focus on adoring me every hour and minute of your pathetic life.

She can’t compete with a woman as perfect as me, and that’s why you’re here, on your knees, naked, adoring me, madly in love with me right now, and completely ignoring her!


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