Dangerous, Fall deeper into addiction (Cod.1490)

13 minutos con sonido

Living for me like a fucking obsessed idiot, you know that fighting is not an option, you’re trapped.

Put your stupid brain on blank and listen to me, your life is about to get so much better,

Immersing yourself in the greatest obsession for your goddess will be the most intense experience you have ever felt.

Make your dreams come true; fall into temptation.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

The deeper you sink, the more I destroy you, the richer I become, the happier I feel.

Pump your cock and send money like a crazy fanatic.

You can’t resist the temptation to stroke your cock hard at this moment,

And that put you into a fucking weak situation, so do it, stroke that cock, stroke your fucking cock hard for me and feel the need to send me more money.

Consumed in addiction, you realize that life without me is impossible.