Cum Control – The ultimate beta Joi Game (Cod.1483)

13 minutos con sonido

Let’s play a fun game,

The best joi for betas like you.

Let’s go! It’s time to improve the way that you stroke that cock for me!

Hold that cock tight with your hand, fill it with drool, and start to stroke it slowly.

Up and down slowly!

Do you realize that I have all the control over your cock?

You’re trapped in my spiral: stroke and send, stroke and send.

You need to continue doing it!

Likewise, you need to stroke harder!

This feeling of not wanting to stop is invading you; you want and need to pump and send money for hours!

Stroke and send stroke and send

Like a Fucking wanker obsessed

Braking is not an option; just keep sending more and more until you are broken!