Breaking all your limits (cod.1444)

20 minutos con sonido

This is your fucking life; you deserve to be destroyed, used, broke, and reliant on me.

Are you feeling it?

My power is in it! My mental force is destroying your fucking mind!

If I wish, I can make you do whatever I want for the rest of your life. I can do whatever I want! Since no one has more power.

I like to play with your mental health since you are so stupid.

Like a damn prayer! Imagine you’re praying to me, your goddess! Say the damn prayer and adore me!


Oh, my goddess, thank you for accepting me. I do not deserve this honour, which is why I’m giving you my entire life!

Oh, my Goddess, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Oh, my goddess, I’ll do everything for you, but just let me worship you every day of my pathetic existence!

Oh, my goddess, no matter what happens, you are only essential to me!

It’s natural to be obsessed with me! Even I can go crazy with myself!

You’re so basic, you think with your dick; it’s simple to fuck your mind because it’s empty!

Look at yourself, fucking hard, staring at the screen like a jerk, knowing I’m about to tear you apart. And all you can think about is continuing to touch your dick while you look at me.